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Work programme of the Project

The Project will have the following phases:

1. Kick Off:

In the context of a common Kick-Off-Workshop, every partner will identify from the variety of his work one subject which has a close relation to the frame subject (Identity and Difference) and he wants to develop further. The partners will discuss the connection between the different subjects and by that assure the cohesion of the project and its different elements

The following subejcts have been choosen:

  • The Playhouse: Dialogue between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland
  • Alytus Music School: Integration of people with different abilities by promoting cultural traditions -
  • Alanus Werkhaus: Biographical Identity and Migration
  • Academy for Anthroposophical Adult Education: Intergenerational exchange and learning
  • EUROB: Integration and Assimilation of German, Italian and Ladinian Culture


2. Development

Every Partner will develop on the background of its own experience an adult education action of maximum 3 days length dealing with the chosen topic. Artis-tic Activities will make the core of these actions


3. First Application and Analysis

The partners will take turns in visiting each other and will participate in the adult education action developed by the hosting partner. Subsequent to every action a short symposium will be held dealing with the evaluation of the experienced artistic activity and its methodological integration. The partners will analyze the artistic activity, identify its strengths and weaknesses and try, in the sense of best practice, to describe transferable elements and sequences. At the same time, they will identify common research- and development perspectives on ar-tistic exercises in adult education, focussing especially on the conditions neces-sary for their application. The results of each symposium will be documented, giving the basis for the discussion on the next one. By this a continuous process of leaning between the partners can get facilitated.


4. Optimization and Second Application

After the first round of visits all partners will adapt their artistic activity on the basis of the gained experiences, integrating Elements and Approaches of the other partners. The partners will apply their improved artistic activity in their institutions, will evaluate and document them and will write a report on his experiences.


5. Summary

The Partners will come together for a summary-meeting of several days' dura-tion. They will report on the second application of their artistic activity (“lessons learned”) and together will identify the results of the exchange: Possibilities, forms and limits of application of artistic exercises in adult education, basic prin-ciples and conditions, best-practice, recommendations.


6. Transfer

The results will be documented in a concerted booklet and presented to prominent representatives of the European adult education system in the context of an international Conference.

The Alanus University Alfter and Vilnius Paedagogical University will integrate the results in their curricula development.

The European Forum for Intercultural Dialog at Alanus University will - in cooperation with the other partners - facilitate such a conference on artistic exercises in adult education every two years.