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Conceptual Framework

The ARTID Project focuses on the potentials of artistic exercises concerning the issue of personal, social and cultural identity and difference. The objective of the project is, to promote the ability of people, to perceive cultural and social diversity as an enrichment, to interact with members of other cultural or social groups in a fruitful way and - while doing so, to become aware of the own identity and  cultural roots.

For this purpose, the project team has developed a Conceptual framework, dealing with the question of cultural identity and cultural difference and their relation to artistic activities. This framework is the basis of the developments taking place in the project.

You can download this framework both, in English and in German.

In English:

Cultural Identity and Cultural Difference Conceptual Framework of the Grundtvig Multilateral Project: „Identity and Difference: Creative Artistic  Exercises as  Didactic Support in Adult Education“

In German:

Kulturelle Identität und kulturelle Differenz Konzeptioneller Rahmen des Grundtvig Multilaterales Projekt:  „Identität und Differenz - künstlerisch-kreative Übungen als didaktische Unterstützung in der Erwachsenenbildung“